Teaching Methodology

My passion and dedication towards my subject aspire me to work relentlessly towards the development of the students which indeed helps them to achieve success. Physics and Maths are considered relatively harder than any other subject but with proper guidance from my side, students can overcome this problem easily. Giving results is the best formula to succeed in this competitive world.


I am always here to impart the best education to students by providing various modes of learning-programs.

  • Concept Building

  • One of the most crucial steps for the students to pass out a competitive exam is to have clarity in conceptual understanding. Here, I am ready to make you free from rote-learning methods, and learning by memorization methods. I emphasize more on developing the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) along with the Analytical abilities of students in a sequential manner.

  • Quality Study Material

  • Teaching-learning material includes classroom lectures, test series, question bank, discussion (doubt) sessions, online video lectures, question banks, and lecture notes. The study material will be updated continuously and based on recent patterns it will get modified.

  • Revision Lectures

  • Once the overall course is completed, students might face difficulties and those can be revealed by diagnostic evaluation. Further remedial teaching is used to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students.

  • Regular Unit Test

  • At the end of each unit, a test will be taken and on the basis of student performance doubt classes are arranged to ensure that learning is in the right direction. If the student performance is not satisfactory, then the test may be re-conducted. And if required, some topics may be covered again in the classroom.

  • Time Management

  • Time management is a major factor in competitive exams and with the wrong approach one can waste an unnecessary amount of time which can severly lower the performance. I help students by guiding them how to solve complex problems in minimum amount of time with higher accuracy by applying shorter tricks and tools to outperform their competitors.

  • Problem Solving Approach

  • To crack competitive exams like IIT-JEE/NEET, AIPMT, AIIMS, KVPY, and SAT includes enhancing the student's ability by making them solve tons of problems. The methodology not only concerns about solving problems but to solve problems by layman approach. An environment is created such that there is no space to mug-out any concept. At the same time, we’re working towards co-relating different concepts with real-life problems.

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