• What is your role in providing the right guidance to students?

  • I’m totally motivated towards guiding the students in the right direction. For that, I have decided to conduct several kinds of learning-strategies which are described in teaching-section.

  • Which Boards I generally teach?

  • CBSE, IB, IGCSE, ICSE and other State Boards.

  • What teaching methodology followed by me?

  • Subjects like Science and Math requires a lot of practice. My methodology is mainly concerned about solving tons of problems and tries to connect them with real-life problems.

  • What language is utilized while teaching?

  • In the classroom, it has been experienced by me that students are not able to grasp concepts properly due to language issues. In order to take care, teaching in classrooms may be done according to student's convenience. Generally, I use both English and Hindi.

  • Book Followed for teaching Physics?

  • NCERT's, H C Verma, Resnick Halliday, I E Irodov and Sear and Zeemansky.

  • Will you provide lecture notes or any e-books?

  • Lecture notes or e-books are provided to all the students who are registered either by online or offline mode. Further, those students who learn through online-program (video lectures) can buy lecture notes, test-series and e-books.

  • How the study materials help students in cracking the competitive exams?

  • Study material is made precisely in accordance with keeping in mind the guidelines of different entrance examinations. While making study material, it is intended to include a large number of problems so that gradually students develop a problem-solving attitude which helps them in cracking the examinations.

  • Do you give doubt sessions?

  • At the end of every unit, a test series will be conducted either in offline or online mode. Based on the performance of each student grades or ranks will be assigned to them.

  • How important is our doubt session?

  • Well, to know the strengths and weaknesses of different student unit-wise tests will be arranged by us. To have clarity in conceptual learning, doubt sessions are delivered in a sequence. The discussion happening in the doubt session allows students to convert their weaknesses into strengths.

  • Do you conduct parent-teacher meetings?

  • Yes, parent-teacher meetings are a vital part of learning and also in the overall development of students. Through PTM teachers, students and parents all are free to give their feedback so that the quality of learning becomes more effective. The bridge between parents, teachers, and students will be reduced.

  • Which batch should I join weekends or weekly?

  • In general, I can never say about whether weekends or weekly batch will be more effective for a student. It all depends on the convenience of students. If students are ready to come after school, classroom learning then weekdays will be suited to them. Otherwise, they might choose weekdays. I suggest you to choose it according to your convenience. Weekdays students can interact three days depending upon the schedule. Weekly batch gives students to interact for Saturday and Sunday.

  • What about your crash course?

  • Crash course will be done for a small period, say two to three months. But follow learning and teaching throughout the days to cover the entire in a small period.

  • How to handle both Competition and School ends?

  • Especially class XI and XII students are carrying a very heavier load. My suggestion to them: To study consistently (regular basis) and managing time is one of the key factors. Solve home assignments or whatever is given in the classroom. Try to solve extra problems (apart from what is given by me) and gradually an attitude of tackling problems is developed. Reading our lecture notes is sufficient to solve problems given in textbooks as well as in competitive exams.

  • How all parents, teachers, and students contribute towards overall success?

  • All of them have their given responsibilities, summing them up might affect the performance of a student. The responsibility of the teacher to keep an eye on student activity but at home, parents must see whether the student is following what is taught in the classroom or not.

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